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Dr. Douglas Weeks has 20 years experience in emergency medicine as a board certified physician and director, also 9 years in occupation medicine and 15 years in preventive medicine. In that time he has found that preventive medicine complements what is available today. After observing the suffering that could have easily been prevented by simple measures, he was overwhelmed by an intense desire to give people the tools to take charge over their own health.

Dr. Weeks is an uptown doctor, with the knowledge and wisdom of his many years of experience. He also has the hometown doctor feel through his caring, compassion and integrity. To him, patients are not just a number, they are people. He is a Preventive Care Physician who will work with your primary care physician if you have a pre-existing disease or illness.

Julie Weeks has many years of college teaching experience and is certified in Neuro-Semantic (the understanding of the role thinking plays in health and achieving outcome). She has developed innovative methods of teaching that help individuals achieve their maximum potential.

Both Dr. Weeks and Julie have a compelling interest in health and well being . Their mission is to share the knowledge and strategies to help others achieve long lasting health.


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We also have our professionally-trained IV nurse with many years of experience and caring.

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